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“The Architect of Downfall” is based on the story of an affluent lawyer. While preparing to head out on the town for the evening, he soon realises that he is faced with an intruder in his home. What happens next will test this lawyer’s moral compass and leave the viewers on the edge of their seats in this gripping suspense thriller filled with interesting twists.



The team is led by native Montrealer Vincent Simoneau, an upcoming Director, Producer, and Cinematographer with an avid passion for film-making. Vincent’s background stems from many years of experience in the AV industry and is highlighted with a solid education in cinematography. He has always been a film aficionado and a home theatre enthusiast. Vincent recently completed production of “Serious Thoughts”, a short film which has recently been submitted to numerous film festivals.  

Mark Szilbereisz, also from Montreal Canada, joined the team alongside Vincent in December 2013 as the Director of Photography for CineVita Productions’ short film “Serious Thoughts”. Mark has a solid background in Business Administration, the aerospace industry, and more than 20 yrs experience in photography. Mark felt that this was the prime opportunity to merge his extensive photography experience with his growing passion for film-making.  Mark looks forward to commencing filming of “The Architect of Downfall” in order to CoProduce this award winning script with Vincent. 

Vincent and Mark recently collaborated with the award winning screen-writer Silva Mungai in order to obtain the rights to this award winning script. “The Architect of Downfall” won 2nd place for the short screenplay Reel Writers Screenwriting Competition in 2013.

We look forward to bringing this fantastic script to the screen in order for it to be shared with all movie fans.