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Director | Producer | Editor

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Director, Producer and Editor, Vincent Simoneau is an up and coming indie filmmaker. His passion for film stems all the way to his childhood. At an early age, his father introduced him to all types of films ranging from westerns to cult classics and watched movies religiously. As a teenager, Vincent was fascinated with how technology was able to recreate the theatre experience in the home. 

He then went on to studying Film at John Abbott College for 4 years and performed extremely well in his majored courses. Nonetheless, Vincent fell onto a different path and landed a career as a System Designer for low-voltage distributor which includes designing home and commercial theatres. 

Being introduced with the newer film technologies available on the market, in 2012 the home theatre enthusiast decided it was time to pursue his long time life passion and dream of telling stories with moving pictures. With his talent to bring words to picture and eagerness to reproduce the movie experience in the home, Vincent hopes to be able to produce some excellent short and one day feature films. 



Director of Photography | Co-Producer

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Born in Montréal, Canada, Mark Szilbereisz acquired an interest in photography during his teenage years. He studied Business Administration and Photography at John Abbott College in Montreal, Canada.

Mark gained extensive photographic experience by beginning his studies with 35mm black & white photography. The Digital SLR era fuelled his passion for photography and an interest in film making. 

Regardless of the type of project, it is his goal to create indelible images that will not only tell the story, but that will affect the viewer on a subliminal level. 

Mark recently applied his photographic experience and knowledge in his debut as Director of Photography in CineVita Films & Production’s short film “Serious Thoughts”.  Serious Thoughts has recently been submitted for consideration to numerous Film Festivals.



Assistant Director

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Marie-France is currently studying scenography at the University of Quebec in Montreal. She has worked for school productions as a lighting techinician as well as a stagehand. Marie-France has received a diploma in Acting from Lionel-Groulx College. As far as cinema goes, Marie-France has helped out as an actress on numerous student films. She had a walk-on part in a tv show called 30 vies in the summer of 2013. 



Production Designer (Art Director)

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Born with a limitless imagination and an eye for detail, it was inevitable that Tina was going to be a hands-on person and in the design field. As a young child, she loved arts and crafts projects and was always there to help her father fine tune his renovation projects. After graduating from Interior design with an Honourable Mention award at Dawson College, Tina continued her career as a kitchen designer and gained wonderful experiences while working with notable distributors. Working alongside an international high-end interior designer, Tina learned that the end result all relied in the details.

Tina had an opportunity to step foot into the entertainment industry while working on the ‘Serious Thoughts’ short film, and even though it is quite foreign to her, the principles remain the same. As a Production Designer, Tina needs to ensure that emphasis is placed on the details that create a good visual flow within the film. Tina is greatly looking forward to working again with the crew and seeing the beauty they can create as a team.



Production Assistant | Line Supervisor

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Justin studied Cinema and communications at Collège Gérald-Godin and is now studying Cultural and media production strategies at the University of Quebec in Montreal. A fan of movies and music, he has participated in the production of two short films, as director (Coup de chance-2011) and as cameraman (Déconnecté-2012). 

Outside of short films, he has helped out at a production level, mostly with positions involving logistics. He's held a logistics coordinator position for UQAM en spectacle and has helped out with different festivals like Anachronik, a vintage music festival. 



Wardrobe Supervisor

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Wardrobe Stylist – Alex Blandino brings many years of experience to the CineVita team. Alex studied Fashion Marketing at Lasalle College in 2008. She has participated in many runway fashion shows and is currently modelling at Cosplay.

Alex joined CineVita Productions in 2013 during pre-production of the short film “Serious Thoughts”. With her many years of experience and expertise in modelling and her extensive knowledge in the fashion industry as well as marketing, Alex brings a fresh new look into the film industry and adds another dimension to our films.




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Music Composer

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My name is James Rogers, I am a freelance composer & sound designer. Since starting my own company “Simply Sonic Studios” over two years ago I have been involved in projects ranging from TV commercials, short films and documentaries to radio commercials. When composing, I like to explore music by creating orchestral/electronic scores using acoustic instruments as well as music technology. I graduated from Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge with a 1st class Honours degree in Creative Music Technology and have found that incredibly useful with all aspects of composing. I enjoy a challenge, pushing myself as a composer and aim to be involved in a range of different projects which will allow me to explore different types of music further

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Micheal (LEAD)

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Chris Jarry is an emerging video artist with a solid musical background. Composing and performing music since 1999, his passion for the arts diverged towards video when he took the Cinema discipline in CEGEP. He then pursued creative arts at Concordia University, giving him even more tools for today’s demanding market.

Chris Jarry has appeared on TV commercials in both French and English. He has also done narration for corporate videos, and has even appeared on several web ads.

He is actively improving on his acting skills by taking private lessons or any courses he can get his hands on. His mentality is simple: No role is too small.


Chris is ready to push his performance to another level with this production.

Online portfolio (in construction):


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Jack (LEAD)

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Jason Steven Kettle is an American actor, metal sculptor and musician. He was born October 3rd, 1978, in Denver Colorado and grew up in Toronto, Canada. He's a multidisciplinary artist that thrives on cultural diversity and passionately supports several forms of the independent arts. 



Jack (LEAD)

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Ash Andre Fidelia studied Film Studies at Concordia University. Ash has been living back and forth in 3 different cities throughout his life and remains resident in all 3. In a way this has influenced and molded who he is today. Being born in Montreal and Growing up in New York City and Atlanta Georgia gives him 3 different outlooks on life.

Ash became very interested in cinema when he was 14 years old, where he made his first film using a handheld camera with action figures. It wasn't until University that he started to pursue acting. The first feature film that he worked on was for a friend. He was an associate producer and had a small role. Within those 3 months of production, it has taught him alot and really opened up his eyes to acting. 

Ash is currently pursuing acting and has gotten to meet alot of great people in the business. "Its a tough path but every minute of it is cherished and motivating, I wouldn't give it up for the world."



Jack (LEAD)

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Ashley Perreault has been performing since the ripe old age of 5, starting her career as a frequent winner in singing and dramatic poetry festivals. Upon completing a 2 year intensive Theatre Performance and Film program at Mount Royal University in Calgary, Ashley moved to Vancouver where she performed for over 60,000 people in the Opening and Closing Ceremonies of the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics. During her time in Vancouver she collected debts by day (no knee breaking required) and performed murder by night, in improvisational murder mystery shows of course.

Ashley has been a player with Slixer Entertainment for 5 years on both Canadian coasts and has been in many improv gigs. She has also landed lead roles in theatre, independent film, and television in such show's as “When Bears Attack” on Animal Planet, and “Untold Stories of the E.R.” on TLC. Ashley moved to Montreal in April, 2013 and quickly enrolled in a full-time french language program where after 9 months she completed 4 levels, being in Quebec after-all she would have to live up to her Perreault family name. One of her dreams is to speak french with perfect fluency and act in two languages.

Ashley keeps her skills sharp with workshops, scene studies and private acting classes while also learning to play the piano. When not being taught professionally Ashley likes to hone her crafts at home with additional training and research. “The Architect of Downfall” is Ashley's first principle role here in Montreal and she is very pleased to be part of such a well written, suspenseful, and original script. She is professional, enthusiastic, hard-working, and always ready to go!



Jack (LEAD)

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Jack (LEAD)

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Trained by masters of the craft such as Gilles Plouffe, John Strasberg and Adam Kelly Morton, Jonathan has worked on roles ranging from the works of David Mamet to Shakespeare and on numerous independent film projects. Jonathan strives for adventure through the works of some of the entertainment industry's finest writers. Being a backpacker has gained him worldly experience in the cultures of others and as a Yoga-enthusiast, health-nut, and weight management expert, Jonathan has learned the art of transformation and applies it routinely to his acting.

He is very excited to be playing the part of "Kairo" in the award-winning screenplay, Architect of Downfall, andJonathan can be seen in the upcoming Montreal Shakespeare Theatre Company's show of Julius Caesar as Titinius and in the upcoming Webseries, "The Killing of the 6" written by Raph Muk.